Deal Sources

Identify and access multi-asset class private investment opportunities.


"In an environment when companies are staying private indefinitely, employees and early investors suffer from a lack of liquidity, diversification, and transparency. We help fix this by providing an online trading and information platform for brokering the offering, sale, and purchase of private company securities, in addition to providing tools to help you learn about, track, and manage your equity. We collect asks from shareholders such as yourselves, who are expressing good faith interest in liquidity. These are non-binding, private offers to sell your shares (your name and details are not tied to the listing). This helps us get an accurate picture of price and volume in each company. We gather appropriate investor interest, and help put together a transaction. Our goal at every stage is to do this in a company – and shareholder – friendly manner."


PRE-IPO is a platform operated by Invest Securities that allows investors to select capital investment transactions, to invest in companies that are not yet listed but which are intended to enter the stock market in the short or medium term.


A private securities crossing network providing market data, counter-party verification, and order execution to a membership of broker-dealers and institutionally-sized investors/shareholders.


Moonfare enables individuals to invest in top-tier private equity funds. Membership is fast and free for qualified investors.


PwC provides industry-focused services for public and private clients. Our experienced staff, combined with our global network, allow us to provide the support you need - wherever you need it, at home and abroad, whatever the size of your organisation.


The Palico marketplace is unmatched in its breadth of buyers and exceptional speed to connect. List your fund and let our matching algorithm do the work. Sellers on our platform typically attract 5-15 requests within 24 hours of posting.

Syndicate Room

SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with highly vetted startups. Handpick the businesses that spark your interest or diversify automatically through our intelligent EIS funds.

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